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Shinigami Eyes (Currently revising) - YA Paranormal mystery

After an incident at a school dance almost got her date killed 15-year-old Rin is sent to live with her grandparents in Japan. Being the new girl is hard, but also being told by crazed Otaku (someone obsessed with anime/manga) Matthew that she is a character in a manga called Shinigami Eyes that he reckons can tell the future is something that she can't handle.

 She tries to ignore Matthew's attempts to persuade her that she is indeed a character until the manga shows her standing over a dead body. Now Rin, with Matthew's help, has to discover the identity of this person and why she would want to kill them, before the manga becomes a reality.

Dark Sight (1st draft complete) - YA Paranormal

16-year-old Sera has been trying to forget the gruesome death of her parents that happened right in front of her for ten years, but when her juvenile delinquent older brother shows up one night, claiming that their parents murder is after her, she is forced to run.

Sera doesn't know whether to trust Jensen, especially since Jensen's late night adventures and secret phone calls. If he can't be bothered telling her the truth about what's really happening, why should she be honest with him, especially with the one secret she has kept ever since the day of her parents deaths. She can not only see, but also experiences, the death of anyone she touches.

When Sera and Jensen stop in a small town, Jensen tries to tell Sera that she'll be safe there. Sera starts to think maybe she can start a new life here, that is until she starts to see the death of the town's teenagers. Nothing new, right. That is, until those students don't die. Now Sera has to try and figure out what is happening to the town, but who can she trust when the dead aren't staying dead?

The Making of Amber Wright (currently plotting) - YA Horror

A mysterious girl with no memories and only a restaurant badge with the name Amber wanders into town and is taken in by the town doctor. As her memories begin to return she starts to question what is real and whether these memories are even hers. This is made worse by the appearance of faceless ghosts and creatures intent on getting to her.

 When people start disappearing and only she can remember them, she starts to question "who exactly is Amber Wright?"

Swayed (currently plotting) - YA Superheroes/science fiction
In a world where superheroes and villains are becoming a plague to society, causing damage and injuries to the innocent citizens who still live in the city, going to a party can cause a lot of problems. That's what twins, Jett and Jace, discover when they sneak out of the house one night and attend an underground gaming party.

In the aftermaths of the party, they find that they have been given superpowers and now someone wants them to join the fight between good and evil that is constantly being fought in the city, but there's a bigger plan being hatched and someone wants them, and the new batch of teenage heroes/villains, that have popped up, to be a part of it. But which side will they choose? And which battle will they decide to fight in?


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