Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Put It Off...

After spending all morning doing some well overdue Spring cleaning, it has got me thinking as to why the hell I didn't do it earlier. I can tell you it would probably have saved me a whole lot of time and hassle if I had done it when it really needed it.

Why do we put things off? Procrastination is another word for finding something better to do - even if you're just wasting time. I was bad for leaving things till the last minute. It was always fun doing the assignment in school at the last minute, and hey, I was a crammer. What is a crammer? It is someone who can study the night before a test and still come away with good marks (not great, which I probably could of got if I would have given myself more time).

Just like school, projects, and even housework, if there's something that needs to be done, it probably deserves more time and concentration than the latest YouTube video (even though they are pretty tempting)... don't live life just saying "one more day won't hurt" because when does that one more day end?

The best way to conquer the evils of "procrastination" is to set a goal. My goal for my current manuscript is that I'm going to have it ready by the end of November, otherwise I'll still be working on it for another 5 years.

Another way would be to cut my access to the internet - but I think that's a tad too drastic, and I can't live without the blogs and forums for too long.

What are some ways to avoid procrastination, especially with an internet full of time-wasting distractions? Or are you the ones who says "I'll do it tomorrow?"


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