Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outside of the Comfort Zone

I just had my first day of Uni and now everything's suddenly sinking in: My whole world is about to change.

That may sound a bit melodramatic, but it's true. I've been waiting tables since I was 16 so that's nearly half my life and it's all I've known. Now, after just listening to a couple of lectures, I've realised just what I'm getting myself into. In just over ten weeks I'll actually be in a high school. I'll be standing in some English classroom, probably trying to figure out what the Hell I'm supposed to be doing.

I know that's required for being a teacher, but I never imagined I'll actually have to do a prac in a real classroom in my first year.

As humans, do we try to stick with things we know? When you go to a restaurant or even to get takeaway are you always getting the same things, or do you like to try different things? Is it the same with experiences? Do you feel nervous or excited about the prospect of beginning a new journey?


Kerri Cuev said...

In the end it will be worth it!! Congrats for taking that step!

Anonymous said...

Change, even a positive one, can be anxiety provoking. It takes great bravery to embark on a new adventure. Congrats!


lisa and laura said...

I'm such a wuss about change. I mean, it's SCARY. But, change is good sometimes. And this just reeks of good change. The kind that feels uncomfortable but totally changes your life for the better.

Unknown said...

Thanks. It must be something about human nature that really doesn't like change. I guess you've got to give things a try to get anything good in return.

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