Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wind-down Wednesday

Here I am trying not to have a stress attack over the work load of uni, I totally need a stress-free day (which won't come until tonight unfortunately).

So, here's another lovely clip I discovered on YouTube. It's said that everyone sells out once in their career, who knew it happens to cartoon stars as well (you've got to love the Simpsons)

I'm about to totally rush off to uni, but later tonight I'm going to allow myself a night of not thinking about what's due, what I've got to do and what I haven't gotten around to yet and geek out with Final Fantasy XIII (which I just totally bought about ten minutes before doing this post), and then also catch up on some needed reading (also geeking out with just receiving Hex Hall from Amazon)...

Ok, I'm finished acting like a geek at this very moment. Hope everyone's Wednesday is going a lot smoother than mine.


lisa and laura said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of HEX HALL! One of our 6th grade buddies LOVED it. As for selling out, we're totally ready, just waiting for a bidder! Ha!

Unknown said...

Just reading the back of Hex Hall has me excited. And, there's nothing wrong with selling out.

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