Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's all in the twist

It's been said that there are no new stories, just the twist in which the author spins that makes something original. I always love reading something that has an original spin (especially if that spin keeps me guessing to the end), and I love trying to think "outside the box" when it comes to creating my stories, always looking for a way to tell my story in a different and hopefully unique way.

So, I'm tackling my new story "Swayed" like this. I've got two main characters, twins, who get a copy of an unreleased game and as they get to the higher levels of it, the game gives them super powers and the game is brought into reality.

This story is allowing me to try and twist something that is well known (superheroes/villains and super powers) into something that is different. Yeah, I could give all my heroes flight or strength, but I wanted to be different. I do, in fact, have a speedster who is super fast, but the difference with this power is that she builds up  light as she runs so she looks like a shooting star. But, for the rest of the powers I'm trying to find some of the under-used powers.

Jett (my main villain) is a technopath. He can understand how any mechanical object is assembled and works, and can build anything. The only problem is that when he builds he doesn't know what he's building (or what will happen once the device is switched on) until he tests it. His whole subconscious takes over when he starts building and he works more on instinct.

Jace (my hero) can open portals which she can travel through. The limitation is that she can only open portals to as far as she can see. They can also be dangerous if she can't control them and they become like a vacuum.

So, just for fun, what sort of super power would you like to have? And, would you be a hero or villain?


Ralene said...

Hmmm...right now, I think I'd want to have super speed. Then all the housework and chores would get done and there'd plenty of time for fun stuff--like writing!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd have to be a hero - and I'd fly!

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