Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Christmas Wishlist

With just under a week till Christmas, and finishing all the Christmas shopping, I have been super busy. Christmas always seems to be a busy time of year, shopping for friends and family, figuring out what to buy for Christmas dinner (especially if you're working most of the day), and cleaning up the house in that last minute rush before the day gets here.

And then there's the last minute reading to get some way overdue books out of the way before my to-be read list grows exponentially with all of next year's releases.

The one thing I've had trouble with this year was thinking of what I would like for Christmas. Yes, my family is scared to buy for me because they have trouble keeping up with me when there's a book I want or movie I need, so they asked me for a list this year. After I did a list, I realised that I could only give it to my sister because I put all the books I wanted on it, so my brother still pestered me about a present.

Here's the list I ended up with:

My brother still said he didn't know what to get me (and I didn't know which one my sister was going to get me), so when we were shopping for the remaining Christmas items, I found a book... which actually wasn't on my list because I didn't think it was getting published until next year and he got it for me (which he told me that I have to forget he got it)... now I've got to wait until Christmas to unwrap it... yes, he wrapped it and placed it under the tree.

So, what is on your wishlist for Christmas? And, do your family and friends have the same problem with buying presents (that they have no idea what you've got/read/want?)


Renae said...

Great list, there are a couple I haven't heard of. I have a ton of books on my list, the top being the white version of the Twilight books! I may have left a couple of hints about where to get them.

Stina said...

My family's learned to just give my gift cards for the bookstore. So much easier.

I just read Stolen. It's a great book. I'm reading Matched right now.

Have a great Christmas!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I didn't ask for books this year, which is a shocker.
But I am GIVING some boks this year. :)

Cara said...

Hi - I ran across your wish list and it's great. I got some ideas for me.

I also think you might like to make your wishlist. You can put all the books you want on there and then give the link out to your family so they know what you want anytime of the year. Some of us used it this xmas and it made things a lot simpler when buying.

Merry Christmas!

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