Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where did the time go?

I started work tonight after practically one month off, and I'm already trying to find time to fulfil all my obligations. I like to keep busy, but maybe I'm taking on too many commitments. I also don't want to give up anything (well, maybe work... but I don't think the bills would like that very much). And, I still need to find time for reading (of course).

Here's my commitments:
  1. Work
  2. Uni
  3. Writing
  4. Blogging
  5. Music (need to practice for guitar lessons)
  6. Reading

So, a good way to organise all your commitments is to keep a work diary and schedule a timeslot to work on a particular item, and a deadline for it. The only problem with the diary is that I get a tad obsessive when working on a particular task (especially when I get into my writing) and forget all about the time.

I've also recently been giving myself at least an hour before bed to read. This will allow me time to keep up with everything (hopefully).

So, how do you find the time to do everything you've committed yourself to? Do you put time aside for reading? Or, how do you find the time?


Unknown said...

Don't make reading a "commitment!" For me, reading is one of the rewards I give myself after finishing everything I'm required to do. And I have a tendency to read a few chapters every morning while brushing my teeth and blow drying my hair :)

Teddyree said...

I love to read but have to confess that 'life' tends to get in the way a fair bit lol. Discovering audiobooks has given me bonus reading time ... while driving, waiting for appt's, doing dreary housework; I love it!!

Good luck fitting all your committments in to your busy schedule :)

Naj said...

I agree with Katie! Reading should not be a "commitment" But a reward at the end of the day. :D Good luck with everything else. You can handle it! :D

Kerri Cuev said...

There should be 28 hours in the day instead of 24. To make it work I like to ignore the housework :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing, I've been pondering the VERY. SAME. THING!

I am bad at scheduling time for everything because I tend to immerse myself in my "current project" (whatever that may be, reading, writing, critting, blogging, etc) and don't leave time for other things. It's all about balance.

When I start to feel burned out or frustrated, it's a sign I need to switch up activities. It's not a schedule book or a calendar, but it's a method, LOL!

Good luck with your schedule! You're busy!

Alleged Author said...

My time has been spent reading. I lurve reading! How cool that you play the guitar! I would love to know how to do that. But I do play a mean recorder...LOL! :P

Stina said...

I read every night before bed (10-11 pm). And it has to be a novel. :D

Some days (like T/R and the weekend), I'll read when I get up (at 5 am), but the problem with this is that I get too involved with the book and don't get around to writing. Hence why I can't do that on blogging days (M/W/F). ;)

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