Friday, October 21, 2011

A new experience is always welcome

Out of all my university days I have never pulled an all nighter, so I decided what the heck. Due to work, I've been working through till 1 am and haven't managed to get much done, so I decided to stay up and get a 1500 word essay on Romeo and Juliet done.

Hey, it was me and my sister (yep, she stayed up too), with the entire season 1 of Pretty Little Liars and really boring indepth articles on Shakespeare. I made it and I am not even tired (5:30am here at the moment).

It's always good to allow yourself to know new experiences, especially as a writer. Now, if I need to know what it feels like to go without sleep for close to 24 hours then I'll easily be able to write one.

So, do you like to experience new things? Has anyone done the all nighter and been like me who's left their assignments till the last minute?


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I always let things go to the last minute and pulled one or two all-nighters in my day. College isn't complete without them.

Eliza Wynn said...

I pulled quite a few all-nighters back then.

Trisha said...

Most of my all-nighters occurred in high school when trying to get art projects done. ;) I probably did a few during the uni days too, though. It was so long ago for me!

Angela Brown said...

I did the all-nighter thing before. I tried to call it a practice in the art of procrastination but no one bought the title.

Christina Lee said...

I have never pulled an all-nighter for the sake of writing (WOW), only for the sake of children--does that count (it's got to)?

fakesteph said...

I used to pull all nighters on the regular. It was actually kind of... unhealthy. LOL. But always a good story. And I love experiencing new things. It's why I always pushed my assignments until late!

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