Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Would you be able to survive the apocalypse?

That was a question that I had to ask myself on Friday after a freak snow blizzard (yeah, it's not supposed to happen since we're in the middle of Spring here) trapped me in my small town. This is what I woke up to, which had school cancelled (yay!!!), but it also meant no power and all roads leading in and out of town were closed, and eventually I lost cell phone signal.

That's no that bad is it? With no stores open and unprepared (luckily I had boiled the kettle before the power blackout so I could make a cup of coffee), I could do nothing but stay in bed and hope the power of my iPad lasted (surprisingly it lasted a long time) before I turned around to a paperback book.

As lunch ticked around, I began wondering what there was to eat. I had plenty of microwave meals and frozen food (no good without power), I also had tins of sardines (which my brother thought was good enough to eat). Luckily after seven hours of isolation, the streets opened back up and power came back, as well as phone signal. Seven hours was all it took to question whether I could actually survive without power, phones or cars. I don't think I'd survive long if a real apocalypse did happen :(

So, I'm asking you, do you think you'd be able to survive if an apocalypse did occur?

P.S. On the weekend I purchased a battery operated light and a gas cooker (maybe that will help next time I'm stranded) :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It would be difficult! If it got bad enough I had to hunt and build a fire, I'd be screwed.
Awful time for the power to go out. We usually only lose power after a hurricane.

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