Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inner Editor vs Inner Hinderer

Okay, I have to admit that sometimes it can take me a while to hammer out the first draft and that is because I can sometimes re-write sections three or four times and still not be happy with how that section is turning out, but during NanoWriMo I was determined not to let my inner editor dictate what to include or exclude from my story (yeah, I know that  some of my characters disappeared for long portions of the story and that I didn't introduce some of those characters until they were necessary, but I'll be able to go back and fix that in the next draft).

Once I stopped my inner editor from trying to change the story after I had already wrote it, I was able to get more of the story written in less time. I'm still not finished with the first draft, but I can at least see the ending in sight and I should be finished the first draft before the end of the year and then I'll be able to add any of the scenes or do any of the changes I need to make in the second draft without worrying about whether I'll ever finish the story.

So, this got me thinking, does the inner editor hinder the story's progress during the first draft? Is it better to write the first draft before worrying about editing the story?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't go back and edit, but the perfectionist in me tries to make every line perfect on the first try. Which means I don't write first drafts very fast either!

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