Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Preparing for change

A lot in my life has changed recently, and on the weekend I drove to Sydney to take my brother to the airport for the biggest change in both of our lives. He's moving to Japan, and will be there for at least a year, so now I'm all alone in this big house and my number one beta reader is going to be a lot harder to get feedback from than just asking him to read my WiP and getting instant critiques. I'm pleased for him, he has always wanted to go and teach in Japan and now he has the chance.

Not all change is bad, but you have to be willing to embrace it and accept the path where the change will take you. So, today I thought I'd post some tips for dealing with change (these are tips that I'll definitely need to follow):

  1. Be open minded
    If you are not open minded you will not be able to accept change and refuse to let that change happen (I have seen people like this).
  2. Try to get used to the change
    By jumping straight in and getting used to what is new in your life it soon becomes old and familiar, and therefore, less daunting. 
  3. Remember that nothing is permanent
    Remember that anything can change and nothing in life can really stay the same, so don't force things to stay the same if they want to change.
  4. Try to forget about the change
    If the change is still bothering you, then pamper yourself, go to the movies or do something else to take your mind off it and then maybe after that everything will feel better.
  5. Remember change can be good
    Not all change is bad. If everything in life remains the same, then you will never discover hidden opportunities that may come up. Embrace change and let it take you wherever it wants to.
Like I said, my life has been changing in so many ways recently. My brother moving has only been one way, I've been working frantically on another one of those changes, but I'll be revealing what that is here later. All I can say is that this is definitely a good change.

How about you? Do you accept change? Or do you prefer things in your life to stay the same?


Stina said...

When I was a drug rep, I had to get used to change. It seemed like the company was changing their approach to marketing every six months. Just when you figured it out, they changed it again. :P

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