Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Conversations in cars

During a long drive yesterday my sister pointed out that she would hate it if anyone decided to bug the car and record the conversations that we have. It's not as though the conversations are private, it's more like the conversations could be taken as scary (and probably get us locked up... unless they know what we're actually talking about).

Okay, okay... we're not actually that bad. It's just that when I'm in the car with my sister or brother it's the perfect time to brainstorm my stories, and yesterday that came around to how I could kill, or hurt, my characters in my horror. Yeah, not exactly a conversation anyone needed to listen in on, but it is surprising how much help just talking through some ideas will help spur other ideas and other avenues in the story I had never even thought of before.

Now with the ideas flowing I can't wait to get into writing my story.

How do you brainstorm ideas? Have you ever had any conversations that you wouldn't have wanted anyone to listen into?


Heather R. Holden said...

Heh, I can so relate to this. Like, back in high school, my friends and I would discuss things like how to cover up a murder. (Story reasons, of course.) Somehow we got away with talking about all that despite all the teachers and such lurking. XD

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