Thursday, September 19, 2013

Practice makes perfect

I have recently taken up a new hobby (well, taken up is putting it mildly, becoming obsessed with is a better way to put it) and it has reminded me that with any new skill it does take time and effort to master - nothing happens over night (even though it would be so easy if that were the case, but not as much fun).

What is my new hobby you may ask? It is none other than the wonderful world of digital photography. After obtaining a DSLR camera with various lenses and filters, a tripod and anything else I would possibly need to get started (yeah, not exactly a cheap hobby), I've been reading anything I can get my hands on to learn all the different tricks I can do with my new toy. The one problem I have encountered with the camera is that my usual 2hr drive to get to my parents now takes roughly 3hrs when I stop to take pictures of the landscape.

I know it's going to take a lot of time to master my camera, but anything worth mastering is worth the time and energy that is put into it (as long as you enjoy it). What I'm looking forward to as well is the digital photography course I start in a month which will hopefully allow me to take my digital photography to a professional level.

The one thing I have learnt with starting this journey is that it's okay to make mistakes, but you need to try new things and experiment or you won't know if you can succeed. Boy experimenting is the one thing I'm good at, I don't think I want to stand in the rain for another 20 minutes photographing a lake... yeah, the lengths you go to get a good picture.

What is a hobby that you've been practicing at? Have you had any interesting experiences doing your hobby?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Since it's digital, you can shoot and shoot and shoot and it won't cost you anything. Think how much it was years ago with print film!
Guitar playing is now beyond a hobby since I play in a band. Guitar collecting... that's just because!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I hope to get into photography one day but right now I'm focused on writing. Would like to learn songwriting though. Right now I've written a couple lyrics over the years and printed lessons on songwriting. It's great that you've found a hobby you enjoy. Go for it!

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