Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What to do when life's a blur...

It's been a hectic few weeks. I've been in the middle of moving as my a part of my life comes to an end and a new part just begins (well, my life is heading in a new direction so it's technically a new beginning). I've also been venturing around to the big city of Sydney (and getting lost) as my sister and I decided to be cultured and attend Art Galleries and an exhibition at the design school I'm going to be starting in October.

During my trip to Sydney I felt very cultured, yep. Walking through the galleries and admiring all of the art, talking about my exciting photography course with the tutors and admiring the graduates work, and finishing the day with McDonalds sitting right on Circular Quay overlooking the Opera House (okay, that part doesn't sound very cultured, but hey, we were hungry).

The next day we got very well acquainted with the streets of Sydney as I kept reading my stupid iPhone map upside down and instead of going to the train station we made it to the big markets in the opposite direction. Seriously those map apps should have a compass that tells you which way you're facing so you don't end up walking a block in the wrong direction before you realise it.

When I haven't been moving or getting more cultured I've been falling in love with my dslr, and what better way to start learning all the ins and outs of photography than jumping into redesigning a neglected website. Yeah, with this new part of my life I'm also going to have the commitment to focus more on my blog, website and social networks which have all been quite lonely while I've been extremely busy.

I've always wanted to shoot my own images for my website, and even lead that up to shooting my own images for future covers, and I really got that chance this week. My lovely sister has been the willing model who dressed up in a white dress and wig (even had sticky, bloody syrup covering her at one stage) to help with the pictures. I'm going to owe her for the rest of my life since today's shoot was a less than fine day with the little spit of rain starting up.

Then we decided to take a random drive to try and find some waterfalls I was told about. Somehow we ended up at the top of the mountain instead of the falls (if you can't guess by now, my sense of direction isn't that great, but at least it makes everyday an adventure). With the thick fog and random drizzle of rain my sister suggested to walk down the bush path towards the falls (yeah, not a bright idea with the rain, but the pictures made it worth it).

Stay tuned for the new and improved website and a blog that is actually going to be updated regularly :D

I'm definitely looking forward to my the start of the new direction my life is heading in, and I've got plans for a few things that I'm looking forward to being able to share with everyone, both of the writing capacity and with photography.

I guess I haven't actually answered what to do when life's a blur. The only answer to this is to enjoy every moment of it and to always look forward. There's no point in wishing you could undo the past when there's always something to learn and grow from any experience and looking forward is so much better.

So, how's your life going? Got any goals that you're aiming to complete? Are things getting out of control or becoming too much? 


Sheena-kay Graham said...

I've noticed more and more bloggers getting into photographer, good luck with that. Also with getting cultured. *giggles* Why do people do that, you're just going to kick off your shoes and revert in the end.

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