Monday, July 7, 2014

Life's not just full of fun and games

Yeah, I know... I've sort of been neglecting my responsibilities here a bit. All I can say is that life took over and soon week was passing week and I didn't know where my time was going (really, someone should petition to have more hours added to the day).

Now I'm going to promise to be around here more, but I'm going to take a more casual aspect with the blog. I'm still going to talk about my writing journey, but I'm also going to talk about life in general.

Sometimes life can become too hectic that one can forget to leave a little time to relax. Yeah, that's what I'm struggling with at the moment. Apart from working, I'm also tackling a graphics design course and photography course... and since I'm currently on holidays from uni, I've decided I need to also pick up a web development course (yeah, I just love studying). One thing that doing the photography course has taught me is that you need to love what you're doing... and I do love taking photos... and by loving that, I'm able to also relax by getting out with my camera.

Well, it's great to finally be back behind my keyboard. I can say that there are some interesting developments in the works that I've been working furiously on.

PS... Let me introduce you to my sister's little pup Riku... He'll probably be making a constant appearance on my blog as I strive to keep this blog alive with new and interesting content, both written and visual.

So, what has been happening with you?


Angela Brown said...

Life can certainly be topsy-turvy making it quite the adventure.

That pup is too adorable. More pics would be welcome :-)

Ellie Garratt said...

Riku is adorable.

Life isn't all fun and games. And anything worth having is worth the hard work to get it. But it's also important to love what you do and to find time to relax. Otherwise, what's the point?

Good luck with your courses. Enjoy!

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