Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In Which I Try Not To Panic...

Oh boy, I can't believe it's already mid-August. I really have no idea where my time is going, really. Next month is the cover reveal for Shinigami Eyes and then the special little day when I can send it out into the world will be here and I'll still be panicking over having too many things I need to get done with no time to actually do anything.

Time can be a very fickle thing. Sometimes you can have too much, but other times there's just too much you need to complete and no time to complete everything. And that's where I am now. And I'm not kidding.

Just in two weeks I have to create my own font (needs to be original) on the computer, design a creative map and finish my photography course... then there's my writing. I really need to make sure Shinigami Eyes is all ready and shiny, new for its release date.

Like I said, too much to do. But then, a stressed mind is also not a productive mind (just have to ask me about that, I can procrastinate on Facebook for hours when I'm tired and stressed instead of doing work). My solution for anyone finding themselves in a situation like me: Take time out to re-coup and come back to tackle everything with recharged batteries.

As for me, that's exactly what I'm going to be doing. I'm going to go and have a good night's sleep and come back to everything nice and early in the morning... and tomorrow I've got a special guest dropping by so stay tuned.


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