Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Executioner at the Institute for Contaminated Children Review Tour

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The Executioner
at the Institute for Contaminated Children
16 The deciding age of contamination.
30 The number of coin flips it takes to prove that Donna may have subconsciously used her genetically enhanced abilities to excel in school.
24 The number of hours Donna has to board a train to the Institute for Extraordinary Children.
14 The flights of stairs she must climb to get to her room.
700 The number of pages in the rule book that will determine how she eats, sleeps, and…well…smells for the remainder of the school year.
2 The number of members in her squad. Good thing Dan’s there to help get her abilities in shape and avoid Donna’s worst fear—humiliation. Her abilities skyrocket. Until the day she learns exactly what Dan is capable of.
1 The number of bodies that turn up dead.
0 Her chances of getting out alive.
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My Review:
When I first picked up The Executioner of the Institute for Contaminated Children I had no idea what I was in for, and I wasn't sorry. The idea of children developing powers has always been an interest of mine, and Donna was a fantastic character to follow into this story.

Donna is a smart character, and that is actually her power. She has the ability to always pick the right multiple choice question and she has the ability to predict things in games of chance. That is why Donna is sent to the "special" school.  Soon Donna learns that something is not right, especially since there are no phones, TV or internet at the school. When students start turning up dead, Donna is determined she's going to find out what's going on.

Margaret E. Alexander has written a thrilling story that will keep the reader guessing until the very end about who the executioner is. Donna is a strong character who really develops as the story moves. In the beginning she was very timid and she definitely morphed into the butt-kicking heroine that I love, and she will do anything to stand up for what she believes and protect the ones she loves.

The Executioner of the Institute for Contaminated Children was a thrilling read and I recommend this to anyone who loves superhero stories.

Margaret E. Alexander
Margaret E. Alexander grew up in Miami, FL. Ten years of frizz and hurricanes chased her away to sunny San Diego, CA. While in college, studying biomedical engineering didn’t stop her from pumping out novel drafts every year. She found her escape in storytelling and others like her who sometimes preferred the world of fiction to the real one. The Executioner at the Institute for Contaminated Children is her first YA novel with Crescent Moon Press. She loves blogging about thrillers with young protagonists and is putting her art minor to good use with a graphic novel project on the side. Her wandering focus is the fault of her cat.
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