Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Experiments in Creativity

This has definitely been a year that I'm living by the old saying, "Success is 99 percent failure"... what that means is that I'm taking a lot more risks and adventures than I have done before, even if that means setting myself up for certain failure, but most of the time I'm coming up with pleasant surprises. After all, isn't it true that you'll never know what success looks like if you didn't face all those failures beforehand?

My latest adventures resulted in spending over 2 hours in a pool (which had way too much chlorine) with my trusty underwater camera and my sister (complaining I'm trying to drown her by 'forcing her to wear a dress' in the pool). This was the first time I'd done any sort of underwater photography. Heck, I didn't even know if the pictures would turn out more than blurry smudges of red and blues.

Sometimes creativity can be found anywhere, even at the bottom of a pool. You just have to look around and you can create a picture, a story, anything from your surroundings (with a few simple props :P).

All the photography projects I've been setting myself have been really great for the story ideas as well, and I'm already trying to decide what to start next: a story about a demonic wizard's daughter forced to collect people's souls, or a parallel worlds story, or a halloween prank gone awry when a pretend haunted house ends up real??? So many stories, now, I just have to get them out :D

PS There was a reason for the red dress... I was experimenting for a cover shoot that will be happening for another story I'm planning to release after Shade Consumed gets released :D


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The photos turned out rather well. Why did she think she'd drown in a dress?

Unknown said...

Sometimes the material grew too heavy for her due to the water, and it was very hard to manoeuvre (she also liked to complain a lot :P), but they definitely turned out good.

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