Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creating the Story... First step

Well, still with nothing but a fragment of an idea and NanoWriMo starting in less than a week makes me think about how to develop this idea.

There is a good method to developing a story, it is the Snowflake Method, which takes a look at ten steps of story development. To create an indepth and interesting story takes time, especially when I've got a mind that is always thinking and changing ideas that I'm developing.

What is the first step? Step one is to: write a one-sentence summary of the story. Don't worry about character names or descriptions as Randy Ingermanson suggests that the shorter and more succinct sententences work the best.

Well, what is a one-sentence summary of the story I'm planning to do?

A girl discovers she's half-demon and has to protect herself from the hunters.

I know, not much at the moment. Like I said, it was a fragment of an idea which I'm hoping to develop before the start of November. Hey, I've still got four days... that's three more than I need, isn't it?


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