Saturday, October 31, 2009

Snowflake Method, Step 2

After you have created a single sentence to describe the novel you intend of writing the next step is to expand that story to a full paragraph. This time describing the:
  • Story setup
  • Major disasters
  • Ending of the Novel
For mine, step one (since I have changed my story since I posted the last time, so here's the new one)

A girl tries to live a normal life, which is really hard when her mother's a witch who's also an assassin.

Step 2:

All she wants is to be normal, but how is that possible when she's the daughter of an assassin isn't easy, especially when her mother's not a regular assassin. Her mother is a witch specialising in "difficult" slayings, and now she wants her daughter to follow in the family business. Only trouble is, Ash has no powers, or so everyone thinks. When her mother is hired to do a hit on a teenage boy, Ash is told that she has to get close to him. When something goes wrong and Ash is injured she finds out how much magic she really has, and she has to make the choice of going into the family business or being one of the hunted.

Wow, I think there's more of my story there than I thought I had created, maybe I'll actually have a chance at completing NanoWriMo come Sunday. Here's hoping.


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