Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Turn that Inner Editor Off?

How should I know, I was hoping you could tell me.

The hardest part of NanoWriMo (except for the reaching 50,000 words thing) is tuning out the inner editor. I had written about 500 words before I told myself that was utter garbage and scrapped it.

The only way I can see myself doing well this year is to only care about the story being told, the sentence structure and grammar (and dare I say it, even spelling) can wait until revisions start in December.

Now, after chilling a bit (before I bite the head off my brother) and watching the Covenant for inspiration, I'm going to take a deep breath and try to get at least 1,000 words out before the day's through. Yes, I know I'll be behind, but I'll definitely be able to catch up tomorrow (I hope).


CS McClellan/Catana said...

Come on, you can do better than a thousand words. It really doesn't take that much time. I just started this morning and did 350 words before I started my net surfing. Keep thinking about what comes next -- what are your characters going to do or say. That's the best way to keep the editor quiet. Every time he shows up and you kick his butt, it will get a little easier.

Unknown said...

You're absolutely right. I actually did more than my goal (and all before midnight).

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