Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A slang saying...

Isn't the English language bizarre at times. You can have a word that have multiple meanings or you can have a meaning that can use multiple words to define it. But, when words can change meaning as much as the latest fashion trend changes, who is there to inform everyone when they are now using a taboo word or the way they're using the word is now the total opposite of what they're meaning?

TV's naughtiest new swearword

I came across an interest news article that states a new swearword that seems to be all the rage across the television at the moment. Since when was it even considered a swearword?

How do words become slang? And, who gives the slang a meaning? Could it be that one person says a word (even if it's a totally ridiculous, nonsensical word) and whoever hears it passes it on? A bigger question is, when writing, is word choice is important so that the intended audience will understand what's being said, and also the story won't become outdated with the ever changing meanings of words and sayings?


Brenda Drake said...

Oh my god, it's a swear word now? Yikes! I'd say that words become slang from our young coming up with new meaning for words, and then, trying to stay abreast to what's new, the media uses the word and it spreads. Even the great writers of long gone days brought slang into their works.

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