Friday, May 28, 2010

The excitement of the new

Is it just me or is there something exciting about stepping into a new world, one where you don't know what's going to happen at the moment because you're so caught up in the here and now? That's what I'm feeling at the moment when I work on my new story, "Heroes"... that's only a WIP title (I know it sucks).

I guess I've been editing and rewriting Haven for so long (I've probably been working on it for roughly 4-5 years... from world's creation that is) that I've forgotten the thrill of creating a new world.

If anyone couldn't guess from the title, Heroes is all about superheroes/villains and it's set in a world on the verge of an epidemic... Where a plague of supers has emerged and heroes and villains are cropping up in alarming numbers twins Jett and Jace discover a video game that gives them powers. Now, they're pulled into the battles and have to choose a side. Which side will they choose?

So, does anyone else feel the rush of beginning something new, whether it's writing or not? What is the last 'new' thing you started?


lisa and laura said...

YES! I love that feeling of writing the first new chapter in a new WIP and feeling the rush of possibilities. Amazing. Enjoy every second!

Jemi Fraser said...

Me too! There's absolutely nothing in the world like writing that first draft - exploring the new characters and setting! Love it.

Gotta say - your story sounds fantastic!

Melissa said...

Starting a story is the most exciting part, in my opinion. Everything is fresh and while you are creating all of the elements, its surprising how often you, yourself, are surprised by the development. I love being surprised and discovering new things about characters and worlds when they are just coming about.

CA Heaven said...

Yes, new things are always the most interesting. Right now I'm on a ship far to the north, in arctic waters, to acquire geophysical data. New datasets are very exciting. I follow this dataset all the way from the planning phase started last summer, till final interpretation two years ahead. Cool stuff indeed >:)

Cold As Heaven

Unknown said...

A new first draft is the most amazing feeling!

I've just started a new WiP and it's quite the experience, completely different from what I've written the first go round, deeper, scarier and all around more crazy and I love it!

Talei said...

Well done on finishing your novel! If I can get to the rewrite stage this year on mine, I'll be over the moon! Last new thing for me - I restarted the opening chapter in my WIP ;) It completely different to the other 10 beginnings!! ;)

Julie Musil said...

Yes, I love the feeling of a new story, so many possibilities. It can be anything I want, and that's such a powerful feeling!

Guinevere said...

I am so excited to be working on my new novel - I'm about 12k in, but it's still new enough to me that I am so. frickin'. psyched about it.

Keri said...

I am obsessed with starting new stories. I pine and pine for a particular story and as soon as I commit myself to it, I long for another. It's what I call my "grass is always greener" syndrome.

At the moment I am just getting stuck into the first draft of a novel which I am fairly excited about as I have been waiting a long time to write it so I think I still have that rush. I hope so. I hope to fuel it and not let it die. In fact, it's not hope. I aim to. I will.

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