Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ooh is that the time?

And here I am, trying to keep my eyes open and realising I haven't posted. Here's a confession, I have absolutely no idea of what to write either. Life has definitely been busy lately (I've also realised that working over a month straight is not good for one's health).

I've got a week left of school placement, and I've learnt a lot while I've been teaching the darlings...
  1. Students don't like to behave for subs (my mentor was sick for two days so I had someone else sitting in the class with me... boy that was a chaotic nightmare).
  2. Guilt does wonder... watching the masters at work with putting guilt on the children for misbehaving was like watching a brilliant performance... I wonder if I'll ever be able to do that.
  3. A lot of planning goes into figuring out not only what to teach, but how... especially when teenagers DON'T like reading (*gasp* yes, I wouldn't believe it too if I didn't see it with my own eyes).
So, instead of planning my lessons or catching up on writing (which my beta reader demands me too) I've been procrastinating, but in a good way. Let me offer you up the proof. Exhibit A is the blog. Instead of doing the work I really "should" be doing, I've been re-designing it.

Oh well, it was time worth wasted. And, before I knew it, it was way late (11pm here) and I have to get up 5am... whoops.

Has anyone else ever done this? Been so involved in something that the time has just slipped away? Also, how does the blog look?


Anonymous said...

Time slips away all the time!!! LOL!

It's tough when there's a lot of things to juggle...and doing "easier" tasks first is more appealing. Finding the roadblocks to the things you REALLY want to do and then finding ways through or around them can help get me going. ;)

I like the new look, by the way! :D

Unknown said...

Oh buddy, all the time. I get online to chill for a moment when I'm doing homework and the next thing I know it's been 3 hours and I haven't done anything except talk to some people on Twitter or clean out my friends list on Facebook...

Where does the time go?? :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Blog looks good. And yes, I can start a computer game and before I know it, three hours are gone.

Kerri Cuev said...

You did all that and redid your blog, wow! The blog looks GREAT! We all know how long it can take to do a makeover. You need a well deserved break lol.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog layout. I fiddle with mine every other week as well, and it is always such a big time-suck. :)

Hannah said...

The new layout looks fab!!

When I write, it's a huge time suck...in a good way. It happens when I read too. I'll look up and many hours have passed. Many.

Jemi Fraser said...

Love the new blog look - unique!

The kids are my class are fabulous - we have so much fun and get tons done everyday... but... they are downright nasty to subs. Kids who are total darlings grow fangs when there's a sub. It's really bizarre. I haven't taken a sick day this year, but I've had workshops etc and there hasn't really been a good day yet. I just don't get it!

Keri said...

The blog looks awesome. I have that habit of procrastinating by working on my blog layout and content. XD I tell myself that as long as I'm getting something done, it isn't time completely wasted.♥

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