Monday, June 21, 2010

Does real life ignite ideas?

Well, this is a quick note because at the moment I'm sitting in a train waiting for the train to start going again - praying that it won't take off before I finish typing this blog or else I'll probably lose my internet connection. I'm going to be on this train until 6:30 tomorrow morning, then I have to get off just to catch another train for a couple of hours, and not to mention the 4 hour car ride after that (it's all worth it, I get to see my baby sis... YAY).

This is my first time I've caught the train over long distances (and by myself, not helping). I really wish I could turn my writer mind off. The train's not busy, and yet I've still got a very talkative and inquisitive person sitting beside me (he's gone for a walk now or else he would be reading this) and it's sparking a lot of ideas for horror stories... hey, I've spent time in the city and don't trust overly friendly people, especially people that want to know where I'm going, what I'm reading (and stating that he saw me reading it when he wasn't even on the train yet).

I just want to know whether you get a lot of ideas from little adventures that take place in real life? How much of your characters or stories are inspired by real life?

Okay, well I'm off now, going back to reading (hey, I've read over 100 pages of Michael Grant's Gone... searched high and low for it :D... 450 to go... wonder if I can finish it by the time I get home). Hope everyone's having a great day.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Maybe by the time you arrive at your destination you'll have envisioned a thousand creative ways to kill your seat-mate!

highheeledlife said...

I just found your corner of BlogLand via "Hatshepsut Novel"..

I'm new to writing, and real life events is what has inspired me to write. I thought that my detour in life provided much content - but nothing compared to new Hubby's family (the only thinking missing is a murder plot - with these folks).

Enjoy your trip! HHL

Stina said...

I hate people like that. When I'm working (which counts reading), then I want to be left alone.

Yes, I find real life sparks ideas for me. Maybe not the main plot. But certainly small details of it.

Enjoy your trip! Hopefully you don't have to deal with any more annoying people. :)

Stephanie Lorée said...

I've taken the train on trips twice. Each time, I've been alone and the person next to me has been a chatterbox. Maybe it's something about the culture of trains in that people are more prone to be talkative with strangers. I'm not sure.

To answer your question, yes there are many bits and pieces of my novel that are inspired by real life. They say to write what you know, so I take what I know, mix it with a dash of fantasy, and attempt to churn out something worthwhile. :)

sarahjayne smythe said...

I love the idea of a train ride. Maybe just not that long. A lot of little things in my life go into my characters and my writing.

Anyway, have a great time on the train and with you sis, and maybe you can write the murder of your seat mate into your work. :)

Erica Mitchell said...

I haven't been on a train since I was kid, and if I remember right I didn't care for it. It seemed to take foreverrrrrrr. Highly impatient child.
Yes, real life has inspired some of my writing, and then there are things in my life that are even better than any fiction I could write and I think MAN why didn't I think up crazy neighbor character before I met crazy neighbor. So, yup, it does inspire me to a degree :) Have a good trip!

Angie said...

A train ride sparks all kinds of ideas. I think most of my ideas are sparked by real life and then twisted by my imagination.

Unknown said...

Mmm, maybe there could be a way to add that scene to my writing :D

Well, luckily I didn't have to put up with him all night, he upgraded to a sleeping carriage so I got to stretch out on the two seats (still not very comfortable).

Now, I'm here in the freezing cold (seriously I couldn't see anything on the train due to all the fog and rain), and in need of a serious sleep.

Anonymous said...

The whole premise for Harry Potter began on a train ride JK Rowling took. Ideas come from everywhere but most of the time it's from some very simple every day moment.

Talei said...

Oh most definitely, initial inspiration from real life adventures but then I've found once I get into writing one character, I change them alot. I hope that train got moving in the end! Happy travels today! ;)

Hannah said...

I would say 100% of what I experience and see ignites ideas, for me. I see anything and I'm inspired.

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