Friday, September 17, 2010

How do you write?

I know I usually have trouble with figuring out how to start a novel, but my new novel has been incredibly difficult in finding the beginning, so I have decided to write this novel a new way.

There are many ways to write the story and I usually go with my trusty laptop. I had never thought about eliminating the technology and writing by hand, so I decided it was time to do just that and write the story from start to finish with pen and paper and then go back and worry about how much the story sucks (well, I will definitely need to fix it, but at least I'll have a story).

So, how do you write your stories? Do you use technology or prefer the old fashioned way?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I write the whole story by hand and then go back and enter into my computer, editing as I go.

Sandy said...

I love writing by hand, because I feel much less of an urge to edit as I go when editing requires crossing things out and making a mess of the page. However, my words tend to flow together better when I type. So I combine the two -- writing by hand when I get stuck and typing when my thoughts flow. :)

Nicole said...

I hate writing by hand but then I often can't read it if I've scrawled it down in a hurry ;p I plot and plot and plot and then start writing scenes that excite me :) Godd luck with your writing

Anonymous said...

What's a pen? Paper?
Naw, seriously, I never write a story by hand because I revise as I go and that would make a lot of chicken scratches on the page and be completely confusing to discern later.
However, I do keep a notebok by the bed in case I have a brilliant thought before I get to sleep. Um...there's not much in that notebook...

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