Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gashadokuro

A Gashadokuro (pronounced "gah sha doh kuroh") is a giant skeleton creature from Japanese mythology. It is said they are many times taller than a human, up to about 90 feet tall and made of the bones of people who have suffered awful deaths from war or who have starved to death. The bones are collected into this giant creature by the dead's feelings of anger at their own grisly demise.

The Gashadokuro wander at night, usually after midnight, making a ringing noise that sounds in the ears. If they come upon a living person they will attack, often biting the victims heads off with its giant teeth. When the ringing sounds, it would be best to run and hide in order to avoid being discovered.


Angela Brown said...

That sounds like a monster with a serious bone to pick, biting off the heads of of the living like that.

Laura Clipson said...

Decapitation by biting? Ouch! Sounds horrible! Very interesting post, I've never heard of them before :)

Youngman Brown said...

Now I am going to be scared anytime I hear a ringing in my ears.

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