Friday, April 27, 2012

W is for Wendigo

The Wendigo is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit in Algonquin (native American) mythology. It is said that a human can change into a Wendigo when they indulge in cannibalism, or that a Wendigo can possess a human. Some say that the possession causes the transformation, while others say that being bitten by one can cause it.

While hunting, the Wendigo cautiously follows its prey, eventually causing them to fall into hysteria, and once the Wendigo sees an opportunity, it attacks. Anyone who survives a Wendigo attack contracts Wendigo fever: the person will feel an intense burning sensation in their legs, and have relentless nightmares.

It is often described as a tall, thin humanoid creatures, sometimes said to be twisted, bloodstained or fanged. It has no lips, bares jagged teeth, and hisses with every breath. It's bones are visible through sickly skin, and its body is composed of ice. It is believed that a Wendigo will get bigger and more powerful with every victim it consumes, growing more and more hungry. It's hunger is never fully quenched.


Angela Brown said...

Whoa. This wendigo is not your average zombie screaming "Braaaaiiins!" This is a malevolent beast out to eat and grow stronger.

Laura Clipson said...

Creepy! Wouldn't want to run into one of those in a dark alley!

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