Thursday, February 28, 2013

Japan: A quick trip report continued (Days 3-5)

Continuing on with my trip report, we travelled via the Shinkansen to Universal Studios in Osaka and stayed at one of the hotels overlooking the park. The hotel had different themes, even a giant T-Rex hanging from the ceiling at one of their cafes.

Of course we had to go to Universal Studios. Okay, Australia doesn't have many theme parks, especially Universal Studios and Disney, so this is the only place we've been to this theme park and as I understand, it's the only one that you can still go on the Jaws park (my brother's favourite ride). Coming in 2014 a new ride will be opening up, and that's when I plan to come back here. Harry Potter is coming to Japan and all I saw were the cranes signifying they were in the middle of building. Since it was a cold day, we spent ages searching for the one curry shop in the whole of Universal Studios. It was called Happiness Cafe and here you had to order before entering, which was a very different experience. Something else that was different about here was we noticed people finding a table and then leaving all their bags and going to get their food. That is something that would definitely not happen in Australia for fear of people stealing something. So it can be said that Japan is a very safe country with little theft problems. Another place I had to find even though it was a tortured experience was the Hello Kitty Apple Fries (which had to be healthy didn't it, it's made of apples). This was a very pink place with very cheerful music playing in loops, enough to make one go mad. And the staff were chipper, and not the fake chipper either.

Okay, Universal Studios wasn't the only reason to go to Osaka. We also wanted to walk around and I wanted to get "food on sticks". Yeah, I had my mind set on eating things on sticks for dinner and wouldn't settle for anything else, which meant walking around until I found something, and then I found someone standing in a costume. Who doesn't love costumes? I just had to see what he was offering and who would have guessed it, he had exactly what I was looking for, food on sticks or the more technical term "kushiyaki".

So far Kushiyaki turned out to be one of my favourite foods, even though I had no idea what I was eating half of the time, on the trip, and we tried so many different foods.

Here's a question of the day, what's your favourite food?


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