Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When you're on a roll...

Sometimes life can get so overwhelming and I don't have enough time to prepare for my obligations let alone do any writing, but for the past two weekends I've been able to have a breather and spend the entire weekend writing. This has helped me re-write the first 20 chapters of my WiP, Shinigami Eyes.

The one thing that has helped me to get ahead in my WiP is setting a deadline (and having beta readers craving more chapters). I'm actually on a pretty crucial deadline because my alpha reader moves to Japan in less than a month so I lose the person who's making sure the plot makes sense and everything in Japan is pretty accurate (my beta readers... who are Japanese or living in Japan are helping with the rest of the inaccuracies).

The one problem I'm finding now that I'm on a roll is that I don't want to stop.

Do you set a deadline with your writing? How do you feel when you get on that writing roll?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good stuff on the writing!
Not sure if it's a deadline, but I've used MaNo and BuNo to spur me to finish a writing project.

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