Friday, November 1, 2013

What are you doing this Nano Eve?

Okay, for the first time since I've started attempting NanoWriMo novels, I don't actually have to work or do anything (other than write) on the 1st November, so I'm attempting possibly the most crazy feat I have ever attempted - that's pulling an all nighter and starting right on the chime of midnight and seeing how much of my novel I can get written before I crash.

Working on another WiP as well as watching movies galore just to keep busy as the clock counts down. Even as I write this there's still 5 minutes until Nano starts, and now this is the time when all the doubts start to creep into my mind:

  • Is my idea good enough?
  • Can I get a novel out of the plot I have created?
  • Will I be able to start the story or just stare at the blank page for the first few hours?
It's not just with Nano, every novel ideas comes the same thoughts. I'm just hoping I've thought through this novel, but I am looking forward to jumping into it (and getting the excuse of being a nerd and reading/watching any form of media with nothing but superheroes for the month). The one problem I do have with my novel is that it is technically two separate stories and I think I need to write it as two stories before I can combine the two characters POVs into one big story... oh well, more the fun.

What have you been doing on the Nano eve/Halloween?


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