Friday, September 5, 2014

Freaky Friday: Shinigami

Freaky Friday is a weekly segment where I explore different cultures ghost stories and monsters. With the release of Shinigami Eyes coming up in October, I have decided to choose another Japanese creature that keeps popping up from time to time. Shinigami.

Most people, especially those who are fans of manga or anime, would have heard the term Shinigami before. Shinigami are creatures that have been used in numerous animes/manga, one of the most popular being Death Note. And yes, I have watched all of the Death Note episodes (long live L :P) and I do know that they use a particular thing called 'Shinigami Eyes'. But there is a reason (non-Death Note related) that I chose that name.

So, what exactly is a Shinigami? The English translation of Shinigami means 'Death God', and the closest thing we have in the western culture that can represent a Shinigami is the Grim Reaper. Shinigami are gods that help to invite humans towards death. Sometimes the Shinigami are portrayed as skeletal creatures that cause accidents and deaths.

Since Shinigami are related to the Japanese culture, they are mostly seen in Japanese manga or anime. Death Note, Bleach, Soul Eater and Naruto are popular manga/anime that have used different depictions of the Shinigami.

Ooh, I will always love the Shinigami out of Death Note, with Ryuk being my favourite.


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