Monday, September 29, 2014

Never a moments rest

It's been quite busy on both mine and my brother, Adam's lines lately. We've been passing different editing notes back and forth over the past week, never stopping... and I can't believe it, but the novel looks like it's actually complete.

I have been getting questions like, how can I work with my brother, and, do I find it challenging. I can answer, I wouldn't have it any other way. But, yes, it can be challenging... especially when I spend two days working on an image just for him to say, "okay, I like it... but, what about this..." Yes, that happened on nearly all the images I completed for the novel.

But I don't see this as a negative. albeit it's very frustrating, but he's also very critical and wants perfection. And I hope that's what we're going to deliver when Shinigami Eyes gets released October 31st.

I have been working constantly on getting everything out and ready so I can make this special announcement on Wednesday, and it looks like I'll be making that announcement, so stay tuned for Wednesday to find out something quite exciting that is happening.

That's me for tonight, now I'm going to try and get some sleep without them being plagued with creepy robotic Japanese singers trying to kill each other... mmm, the things I do for research.


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