Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let it Begin!

Where did the month of October go? It's now November and NanoWriMo has officially started down here in Australia and I'm hoping all my planning hasn't been in useless. This is the first year I've got a pretty solid idea about the novel and where I want it to go. All I have to do is meet the 2k limit I've set for me each day and I'm sweet.

And now I'm here, really trying to figure out how to start the novel... dang, I hate finding that first sentence. You can find me under cherry_chez over at the NanoWriMo site. Good luck to all those participating.

So, who else is getting excited about Nano? What sort of planning did you do for the novel? If you're not participating, do you have anything exciting planned for November?


Angela Brown said...

NaNoWriMo participant here. I think I added you as a writing buddy but I'm still not sure if I did it right :-)

My planning was virtual. Now that I've procrastinated to the last minute, I'm all excited and freaked out at the same time lol!!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Cherry.. this is my first year attempting Nano... let's see if I can do it:)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Enjoy! Participated last year, but not this year.

Siobhan aka Mia-Sehana said...

Second year participating in NaNo. Hopefully I'll get more done this year! I have the first 3 chapters planned out, but that's all i've got done for done for now.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Count me in! I shall look you up.
I'm pretty pumped about it and have been talking to my husband, telling him no interruptions and pretty, pretty please do the dishes if I cook... all the ducks are in a row and now all I have to do is write... my ass off... Sigh.

Bethany Elizabeth said...

I'm starting NaNo today, but I haven't planned out a single thing. It's awesome. :)

Stephanie Lorée said...

I'm in this year. Username is Mesmerix.

Unknown said...

The start is the hardest. Well, except for maybe the middle. And the end. lol

It's just so hard for me to turn off the internal editor. I have to keep reminding myself that I can either churn out a sucky first draft as quickly as possible or drag it out. I'm going to have major revisions either way. Might as well rip off the band-aid.

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