Tuesday, November 15, 2011

YA Violence: When is it too much?

I, for one, loves reading and watching violent scenes. For some reason, all those action scenes really draws me into the story. This is probably why I love writing them. As I was having breakfast and discussing with my brother how to mutilate and kill the creatures in the sequel to Shadow  Embraced (yeah, not exactly a good eating conversation), it got me thinking about how much violence is too much in YA novels. I hate reading novels where they get up to the fight/action scenes and it's over too quickly, or don't use enough descriptions to really draw me into what's happening. But how much violence is too much?

Do you like reading violent scenes? Is there a point that you just want to stop reading or skip the scene completely?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't mind violence in movies, but I don't like it too intense in my reading. Not sure why.

Angela Brown said...

I enjoy a really great action scene but I'm not prone to wanting to reading all the bone-crushing details in a blow-by-blow that makes my stomach hurn. I have my limitations with both books and movies.

Lydia Kang said...

I do get annoyed when they're too much violence for violence sake. I'm also not crazy about action scenes that go on and on and on. That's not tension, that's just repetitiveness.

J E Fritz said...

I don't mind violence. But I tend to read action books so it's kind of expected. No matter what, it has to fit the story.

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