Thursday, March 1, 2012

Work or relaxation?

Since I started working full time (yeah, they're not lying when they say first year teachers are definitely busy every waking minute) I've been trying to get back to writing. It's only been this week that I've been able to look over my paranormal story DARK SIGHT and get some good work done on it.

I was speaking to another teacher who said she had to give up writing because it felt too much like work added on top of work, so I considered this. At the moment I love to find time to write. For some reason, when I'm in the mnindset of my characters, fighting evil monsters and solving mysteries it's the only time I get to relax and forget about all the stresses that I may encounter throughout my day.

I hope I never see writing as work or a chore because it's the only form of escape I have and I definitely need something like that in my hectic life.

What about you? What do you do to relax or forget about the stresses of everyday life? If you write, do you see it as work or a source of fun?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Writing should always be relaxing. Mine's a little more work now since I'm expected to produce, but I still wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it.

Krista McLaughlin said...

Writing is definitely a form of relaxation for me and I really love it. :) Just pace yourself and you'll be fine. :)

Libby said...

That is so completely awesome that writing is relaxing for you. It can kill me one day and make me happy the next. :) Good luck finding the time, I know it's difficult.

Angela Brown said...

I use writing as much as my characters use me. Writing is a place of release, creativity and brainstorming. Writing is my sanctuary so for now, I can say it isn't work.

christina said...

Girl let me tell a "veteran" teacher I still feel overwhelmed on more days than not. 'Course I think that's because the US's educational program, especially my state's, has gone to the sewer so they're looking for a scapegoat BUT ! Point being - education is about the love for it.

And as far as the writing thing goes, I think that if you're passionate about it and it's a true love then it doesn't ever really feel like WORK-work. I mean, I teach bookish stuff all day, but that doesn't mean that I don't still read about a 100+ books a year.

Kyra Lennon said...

I see writing as work, but it doesn't feel like work, which is a good thing!

Jenn said...

If my mind is flowing with ideas, I view it as fun and relaxing and rejuvenating. When the writer's block hits, it's work work and more work.

As a former middle school English teacher, I wrote on weekends. Also, when I taught my unit on fiction, students had to produce their own fiction, labeling on another sheet their initiating event, conflict, protagonist, etc. I would give them 20 minutes in class to work on it every other day: I'd answer questions for the first ten, and then tell them it was now silent writing time, I would write with them too. The students loved that I was "working" with them, and I loved that I was upping my word count. ;)

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