Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for Xing Tian

Xing Tian (meaning "punished one or "he who was punished by heaven") is a Chinese mythological headless giant. According to the mythology, during ancient times the giant Xing Tian was originally a follower of the Emperor Yan. After the victory of the Yellow Emperor over Yan at the Battle of Banquan, Xing Tian followed his master to exile in the south.

After the Yellow Emperor defeated and executed Chi You, Xing Tian went forth with an axe and shield against the Yellow Emperor. He forced his way to the southern Gate of the Celestial Court and issued a challenge to the Yellow Emperor for a duel.

The Yellow Emperor came forth and the two engaged in ferocious combat. In a final blow, the Yellow Emperor distracted his opponent with a trick and lunged, and in a flash decapitated Xnig Tian.

Instead of dying, Xing Tian was able to continue moving and began groping about for his head. Xing Tian gave up looking for his head, and instead used his nipples as eyes that could not see, and a navel as a mouth that could not open.


Aldrea Alien said...

That is one weird giant.
Yet, kinda cool too.

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