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Tales from the Sideline Blogfest

Today's the day for my Tales from the Sidelines blogfest. The rules are simple, just post a scene that highlights a minor character. Minor characters are fun to write and now it's time to show them off. Make sure you sign up below (if you haven't already) and check out everyone else who's participating. On Saturday I'll conduct a random drawing of participants of the blogfest and post the name of the lucky winner of the $15.00 Amazon gift certificate. 

And, now for my scene: Just a bit of information that takes place beforehand. My main character, Scar (who's a vampire/dhampir) runs into Paul (who's a witch) who has made it very clear that he doesn't want to be seen with her, mainly because there's a feud between all three creatures.

A low buzzing seeps in from the next room, like some kind of deranged cricket running laps. Even through all the ambient party noise, it seems out of place. I should know by now not to investigate every strange sound or mysterious presence I come across, numerous horror movies have taught me that, but hey, I’m bored. Thus I go and look.

A small kitchen, possibly the servants’ quarters. The room’s sole occupant sits at the table, watching a wheel of five coins spin rapidly in the air. Blue sparks leap between each coin, completing the ring. The space within its boundary bends and distorts, forming images. Moving his hands swiftly, the witch controls his loop, one revolving with the coins and the other waved back and forth to change the image. A strange physics defying orchestra. The buzzing intensifies as more electricity fills the air.

With one final flick of his wrist, the circle breaks. The coins clink together in a stack and fly into his awaiting hand. When his spell is over, the witch looks up. It’s Paul.

“Hey, Scar. Long time no see.” His usual goofy grin lights up his face.

“Not my fault,” I say coldly.

“Yeah, I know.” Paul hangs his head, suddenly turning serious. “It might have been a bit callous to just give you a note like that, but I think you’ve been here long enough to understand the reason. This place isn’t like the Non’s world. You stick to your own kind and avoid drawing attention to yourself.”

“Fine, you don’t want to be friends, we won’t,” I snap. I may still be a tiny bit bitter.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to be your friend. You saw what happens between the races. There is no middle ground. Imagine how your friends would react if you started hanging out with a witch, especially that stuck-up bimbo you call a roommate.”

He has a point. Rayne was a little too happy in her crusade against the witches. Even if it was provoked, both sides rose to arms without a second thought. Slowly, I nod.

“We can still be friends, just not out in the open, too big a hassle. So, pull up a chair and chill for a bit.” Grinning again, he pushes a chair out for me to sit. “Tell me how the world is.”

“Round, full of people.” Taking a seat, I decide against talking about my life. That’s too much of a train wreck, anyways. “What was with the coins?”

“That?” He laughs. “That’s a little trick I invented, a way of checking email long distance. It may look cool, but it wastes an awful lot of power. I’m considering just buying a PDA instead, easier than magic.”

“Not as impressive though.”

A sudden beeping permeates the room. Paul presses a button on the side of his watch and the sound dies. “Crap, I’ve got something I have to go and do. Sorry, I’ll see you around.”

Without looking back, he leaps from the table and rushes out the door. Great, now what am I supposed to do? Sitting alone in this cramped little kitchen for the remainder of the night may sound 
good on paper, but in reality, it’s boring as hell. I may as well go join the party for a bit.

So, that's my scene. I look forward to reading all the others.


Kerri Cuev said...

Great scene Cheree!
Glad you posted early because I 'm off to the beach. Can't wait to come home and read everyone's scene!!

Kerri Cuev said...

When you posted this I knew exactly what scene to showcase. I had SO much FUN writing it. Enjoy!

Sidekicks:Jared and Scott (werewolf's)
MC: Jana(vamp/wolf) and Elliot(wolf)
Scene setup: They just duked it out and are now all crammed in a Mustang going home.

Elliot carried her bags and put them in the trunk while still watching Jana get into the car. When the trunk closed he saw her turn and smile at him.

Elliot threw the keys of his prized possession to Jared through the open window of the car.

A grin spread across his face. “Seriously man?”

“Dude today is your lucky day.”

Scott looked at him. “What you don’t trust me to drive?”

“Not after you wanted to run over pedestrians last week to give as a gift to your vampire girlfriend.”

“But she likes organic blood. I would have definitely gotten my way with that kind of gift.”

Jana cleared her throat. “Why don’t you just bring her a live victim,” She was part of the gang when they stopped minding their manners around her. Burping and farting became part of the normal conversation.

“Don’t encourage him would you.” Elliot rolled his eyes. “Man how did you stand sitting back here. My legs are going to be numb crammed back here for so long.”

“Don’t worry maybe Jana can rub them better for you,” Scott joked. He was going to rag on Elliot the whole trip since he wasn’t driving.

“Is that like legal because she is your sister by law or something?” Jared asked.

Scott chimed in poking fun of them until Jana couldn’t take it anymore. She leaned over and planted her lips firmly on Elliot’s with a quick release.

“Does that answer your question? We’re not related.”

“You better watch out for her. She is a little she-wolf!”


Now not cursed Elliot allowed his heart to race at the feel of her lips. Maybe there was hope for them yet. That kiss would surly keep him up all night.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t mind you kissing werewolves?” Jared asked.

He just had to ask. “He never was my boyfriend. I mean we acted like it but it was never spoken or official or anything like that.”

“What a stupid vamp! Heck if you're not taken I’ll ask you out.”

Elliot gave a low growl and smacked him in the back of his head. There were minions in the parking lot who were looking over with curiosity. “Drive before the humans call animal control on us.”

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Hi Cheree. Interesting world you've created, and I like the idea that these two may form a connection even though it's dangerous. Love the line about the PDA!
Thanks so much for hosting this blogfest. I found that I thought a lot more about the role of secondary characters in the process. Can't wait to read everyone's entries!

stu said...

I love the character voice here. It strikes me as vaguely reminiscant of the sort of thing Kim Harrison does.

Anonymous said...

Very nice visuals, great interaction between the two. Your MC seems to have a knack for understatement--"I may still be a tiny bit bitter."--which I absolutely love even more in-your-face sarcasm.

Thanks for hosting!

Erin Kane Spock said...

The world you are creating is really clear through just this snippet. There's a sense of resignation about their friendship. There's not the excitement of the forbidden, just sadness. Very real.

Laura Canon said...

I'm intrigued by the world(s) and the tension between two characters. Wondering about their past and future and would love to read more.

Dawn Embers said...

Nice work. I'm not big on vampires but I love witches. This scene was interesting, had a good level of setting without taking it to far and characters that are intriguing. Liked it and have enjoyed this blogfest. Great idea and great post!

Kerri Cuev said...

Oh my goodness I think I was suppose to put my scene on my own blog ha ha. Talk about the sun frying my brain. Sheesh I better stay out of the sun!! Okay well I better get on that.

I couldn't help reading your excerpt again Cheree! Is that from Haven? I want to read it all LOL!!

Hope everyone had a great day!
ps now I know how to do a blogfest lol!

Unknown said...

Don't worry Kerri, your excerpt was interesting. This is definitely from Haven.

Stephanie Lorée said...

Nice entry. Thanks again for hosting this blogfest!

Unknown said...

Love the way it ended, with him joining the party. Kind of like he's coming off the bench. lol.

Sorry I'm late to this, but I did post one. I'll be checking on some more entries later tonight. I have a hot date with the hubby in just a few. ;-P

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