Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Never

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As a writer, I think I would go stark-raving mad if I didn't constantly say NEVER. But, isn't never a bad word? Well, it all depends on how you use it. I always say never. Just take a look:

  1. NEVER stop learning
  2. NEVER be afraid to try
  3. NEVER give up

See, never can be a very positive word. It's definitely a word that everyone can learn to live by.

So, how do you use the word, NEVER? 


Elena Solodow said...

Never stop loving what you do. I love this post!

The Blogger Girlz said...

Never be afraid of change.
- Aaron

Alleged Author said...

AND never STOP drinking WHISKEY! Oh, wait...I'm Alleged Author...I'm a writer...and I'm an...orthopedic surgeon. So totes what I was going for when writing my comment. Joints and feet all the way!

Kate Larkindale said...

Never say no??? Well, that appears to be my mantra!

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