Thursday, April 28, 2011

X is for X-factor

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What exactly is the "x-factor"? Well, you've heard the saying, you've either got it or you don't. The x-factor is the "got it" factor that draws you in and makes you pay attention. It's the WOW factor that has you wanting more days after you've finished reading the book.

This is something every writer strives to get. I just love books that draws me in and refuses to let go. I don't know how to explain how that particular book is special, there's just something about it whether it's the characters, plot or setting (usually a combination).

I know I definitely aim for the x-factor, even though I wouldn't know when my stories have it since it would probably change with each person and each preference. All I can do is keep striving to make my stories the best they can be, and if I love them, then maybe someone out there will also feel the same.

So,  do you think writers are born with the x-factor or can they develop it? How do you know if a book has the x-factor?


Alleged Author said...

I think you can study and develop the "X-factor." There are many people who succeed after practicing for years. However, some are born with the storytelling ability. It would be cool to compare authors who wrote for YEARS before they were pubbed to authors who were pubbed after the first try (Stephen King vs. Stephenie Meyer anyone?).

Dawn Embers said...

Great topic. I often wonder if I have the X-factor or not. I don't think that we are born per say because it does take a lot of work to develop writing skills but maybe there is some innate element that some people have. I had someone ask me where I got my talent from since no one in my family writes and my parents don't really do anything "creative". I had one grandmother who painted and that's it.

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